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Our services

To support and satisfy our customers, we propose our services provided by highly qualified specialists, who will help and advise you, to best meet your needs.

Our company offers the following services :

MED POINT DZ offers a team of experienced consultants in the field of information systems, to assist you in analyzing your needs until implement them in your environment. We develop for you on the basis of payment per day or project your applications to suit your needs and your activity.

MED POINT DZ, assist you in the design and deployment of your network and provides solutions adapted to your environment. To complete our network solution, MED POINT DZ offers security solutions best suited to your architecture.

MED POINT DZ sells all types of computer equipment for businesses or individuals. A specialized team is at your disposal to advise you and help you make the right choice. For sustainable support, our company offers outsourcing offerings, on-site or in our workshop, so that your hardware is properly followed throughout the year. MED POINT DZ also offers a rental service of various computer equipment (PC, laptops, servers, printers, etc.) for your office or for your events: developments, demonstrations, seminars, training, etc.

Finally, MED POINT DZ partners with the french company MK SOFT, specializing in Text Mining, to develop its R&D activity on machine translation as evidenced by the STAM project.


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Our services